My music career started in a groovy kava bar situated in downtown Berkeley, San Francisco. It was a Monday night and the Kava bar was hosting an open mic. People were chatting, laughing and dancing in the luminous purple lights as performers strummed their guitars, spat out jokes and recited poetry. Soon a lanky man in his mid twenties stepped onto the carpeted floor illuminated by white Christmas lights that we called the stage. “Next up is someone new, all from upstate New York, Please welcome Elizabeth Swan with a song”. Everyone sat in silence as I nervously approached the stage, fumbled on the tall bar stool and began to play. “we all have our heart aches" I sung “but never in this place”. Through the melody my nerves began to fade away and I lost myself in the music. Once I was done I floated back down to earth, and stepped back into the crowd, proud to have just performed my original music for first time. After I left a young couple approached me. "we just want to say that you were AMAZING. We were going to leave before you played but thank god we didn't because you were the grand finale! I couldn't believe it! My first performance and I already had fans! It was in that moment that I decided to chase my childhood dream of being a singer songwriter.

From there I moved to Denver where I began my musical journey. I performed all over Colorado; at Coffee shops, bars, Magazine premiers and environmental festivals; recorded an original song called “Place You Love” and put in on Spotify. But I didn't stop there, Today I have performed in Montreal, CA, Prague, CZ, and London, UK. All it takes is a little courage to start a big adventure.


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